XL Print

The XL Print keyboard features large font keys primarily for people that have difficulty identifying and using traditional small-character keyboards. Essentially addressed to people with limited or troubled vision, the XL Print makes it easy to identify characters quickly.

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Clavier ergonomique XL Print
XL Print

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149,90 €

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    The XL Print is a keyboard which restores user’s autonomy especially those who face visual difficulties at any level, from simple presbyopia to the inability to identify small characters (elderly people...) on their keyboard.

    Characters and numbers more visible

    The contrast between the colors of the keyboard intends to emphasize and make even more visible the characters and numbers. The XL reduces in this way, eyestrain and thanks to its quiet low-pressure keys, restore to those who use it independence and comfort during typing and computer use.


    Large character keyboard

    • Large Character Keyboard: Ideal for people with limited vision / presbyopia / elderly for quick identification of each key.
    • Strong color contrast: Increases the visibility of keys and numbers that help reduce eye strain. · Low-pressure keys: Quiet, comfortable and flexible.
    • USB cable: Cable length 1.5 m.
    • Inclination: 11 mm front, 32 mm rear (with height adjusters enabled).
    • Large size keys: 18mm keys.
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    Mehr Informationen
    Locale Azerty FR
    Maße 446 mm x 141 mm x 23 mm
    Betriebssystem Windows
    Garantie 2 Jahre