Penguin Mouse

Penguin is an ergonomic mouse in the form of a pilot stick and its grip is vertical and intuitive. It is perfectly ambidextrous and aims at the reduction of muscle tension in the hand and forearm, major cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). The right - left click / scroll wheel are situated in the upper part of the mouse, close to the fingers, allowing an effortless, tension free productive use. The carpal tunnel is at a vertical position to the desk and rests completely on the wrist rest - base of the Penguin, thus avoiding any friction with the work surface.

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Penguin Mouse
Penguin Mouse

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108,90 €

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    An ambidextrous mouse

    The Penguin can be used by both right and left hand as it is ambidextrous, allowing a more balanced and alternative use between the two hands in order to avoid repetitive and monotonous gestures that may lead to RSI.

    By its conception as a lever, the Penguin mouse, aims to bring a sense of better control and accuracy to the cursor movement at your fingertips.

    An ergonomic position

    The ergonomic mouse Penguin apart from its ergonomic positioning, can also offer an alternative to vertical or semi-vertical mice especially in cases of disability where the use or holding a mouse is impossible. The Penguin offers a posture different from those already available on the market, which can provide both autonomy and accessibility to its users.


    90° angle

    • Ambidextrous. Compatible to any user – right or left handed, it offers balanced movement of the 2 hands to avoid repetitive and monotonous gestures.
    • Vertical joystick grip. Penguin Mouse offers a 90° hand position with an alternative grip in comparison with other mice on the market. It offers more gripping options to users having difficulties with the use of computer mouse especially those with disabilities or in search of alternative mousing positions.
    • Hand support. The Penguin Mouse provides hand support and avoids the hand to be in contact with the working surface for better hand support and comfort.
    Mehr Informationen
    Mehr Informationen
    Farbe Schwarz
    Anzahl der Tasten 3 + scroll wheel
    Auflösung des optischen Pointers 800 - 1600 DPI
    Betriebssystem Windows, Mac
    Garantie 2 Jahre